Cuban Inspirations

Emotions, colours, the warmth of liberty, of lightness… each freedom carries a different meaning, a signification that expresses diverse sentiments and desires that lead us to see the world through different eyes. It depends on who we are, the place in which we find ourselves, our history, our perceptions, on that very moment. At times, it also depends on the intensity of the light in the sky that surrounds us. Like in Cuba, where, faced with an embargo that lasted so long, there is a feeling and flavour of life that is so rich, palpable and intense. On this island, everything acquires a unique, vibrant taste. Beside a boundless ocean, rich with reflections and light, one can find music, colours, liveliness and personality. Vitality is richly represented without false modesty. Rich in details, in suggestions, in ornaments of light, though derived from a story of such extensive difficulty and deprivation. A truly full life, and an exalting and ironic way to interpret it, from which the emotions inspire Arvid Yuki Shy’s summer collection. A voyage in the coloured, baroque ethnicity of the most sun-entrenched island of the Caribbean: in its story, in its exuberant vanity, in its vitality and in its colours.


Photo credits: Stefano Martellucci