Arvid Yuki – Winter Collection

The soul’s paths in winter seem to draw the mind back to thoughts of grey. A world that surrounds us with habits, obligated and often unconscious choices. The strongest of sounds and noise do not manage to affect us, nor do they manage to complete us. There is always something missing, something more that we desire among this excess noise.

It is not like that in the world that I visit, in the other realms my senses can experiment. The colours, the images, the significations, the experiences, not even the sounds that in certain silences cannot abandon you are taken for granted, not even the shadow of a fisherman. I saw many diverse instances of solitude, of which there will be no equivalents, and the details that characterise their various forms explode in my mind.

At times, amongst the places so distant from our routine, I discover an intense red that affects me, a distant gaze in the chaos of something waiting, which will never leave… Or an object which appears so out of context it seems ironic…. Or places with infinite walls or an infinite sky in which masses chase after themselves and obliviously stop in infinite spaces where one can perceive even the breath of a fisherman.

These are the photographs of the voyage through Burma. The colours of this place drag on in a chaotic silence, and then in their distinctive intensity, they astound you with sensations and colours that seem to become palpable, which almost become music that can only be heard by those who watch.

These are the sensations that I hope to bring to this winter collection. The astonished gaze that observes and is amazed by what it sees, as if it were the first time, and that seeks divergent sensations… because there are endless complications in simply being ourselves.

Photo credits: Stefano Martellucci